liquid glass screen protector

All you Need to Know About Liquid Glass Screen Protectors

They say “screen protector is the first line of defense for your device.” There is a lot of discussion going on about the liquid glass screen protectors, do they real work? In this article we will discuss most of the common questions regarding liquid glass screen protectors and whether it is worth to install one on your phone.

  1. What is a liquid glass screen protector?liquid glass screen protector

Liquid Glass is an invisible, nano-liquid, which is rubbed onto your phone screen, drying and curing to strengthen it on a molecular level. Glass is poro%us and the liquid fill the pores strengthening and hardening the screen

  1. What is nano liquid screen protector

Nano Liquid is a Silicon Dioxide liquid application that adds an invisible layer of coating which strengthens the screen with scratch resistance. Once installed you cannot see it

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  1. How long does liquid glass screen protectors last?

Many people wonder if the screen is permanent. Once applied, the coating will last between 9 months and 2 years depending where they are applied and how much abrasion the surface is exposed to

  1. Can the protector be removed?liquid glass screen protector

The liquid protector cannot be removed. Once it is applied it is embedded in your glass. Unlike traditional tempered glass screen protectors, there is nothing to remove.

  1. Does the liquid protector fix scratches?

The liquid screen protector doesn’t add any noticeable scratch protection. It also doesn’t fill in cracks or scratches. But it does add to the impact protection of your smartphone

  1. Is liquid screen protector better than tampered glass screen protectors?

Liquid screen guard can’t go face to face with toughened glass when it comes to providing complete protection from impact is concerned. If much-required protection from accidental bumps is what you are after, tempered glass is a better option.

  1. How does liquid screen protectors work?

Liquid glass essentially goes over a phone screen, and it fills in all of those microscopic pores and imperfections on the surface. After falling into place, the liquid glass hardens and bonds with the surface of the glass, giving the phone a smooth finish

I am sure at this point you understand more about the liquid screen protectors. If you are thinking of getting one, it is not a bad one. However, our technicians recommend Tempered glass screen protectors over liquid glass screen protectors. At Wefix tech we provide free glass screen protector for every screen replacement done

What is your opinion on liquid glass screen protectors? Are they exerggerated?

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