iPhone 8 Repair Services

Having a reliable iPhone 8 repair service center can give you peace of mind. When your iPhone 8 has an issue from a cracked screen, damaged battery, Wefix Tech has the tools, parts, and team to fix your device quickly.

iphone 8 repair services nairobi

BROKEN/CRACKED SCREEN REPAIR: A cracked/broken iPhone 8 screen can wreak havoc to your device and make it unusable. But you can rely on Wefix Tech for quick and convenient iphone 8 screen replacement and repair services.

WATER DAMAGE: Water can seep into your iPhone 8 and damage its internal components. If this happens, make sure to visit Wefix Tech as soon as possible. Our technicians will do everything to bring your iPhone 8 back to life. 

BATTERY DAMAGE: iPhone 8 Battery draining too fast or not holding charge? With the repair professionals at Wefix Tech, you can get a quick iPhone 8 battery replacement or repair.

SOFTWARES ISSUE: Has your iphone 8 been stuck on the apple logo? Does it keep restarting or is it giving an error “iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes? Have you forgotten your iPhone 8 password? That probably need a new operating system. Bring it to us we will sort you out in less than an hour

DOCK CONNECTORS: Struggling to sync your iPhone 8 with your computer, your iPhone not charging even with multiple chargers, your contacts complain of your voice being too low or can’t hear you completely, your mobile provider network just remain on one bar? That’s definitely the dock connector having been assembled is just one connector cable But don’t worry we will sort you out and you can enjoy your iPhone again

CAMERA REPLACEMENT: Faulty camera will make you not capture the best moment. Our team of Engineers will replace your camera as you wait

EARPIECE AND LOUD SPEAKER: If you experience bad or no audio whilst on speaker or your iPhone no longer rings? We can replace both speakers.

Other IPhone 8 Problems

  • Not able to back up the data to iCloud.
  • iPhone Data Lost- Sometimes your iPhone will run slowly
  • iPhone Bluetooth Problem-Failed Bluetooth connection or unable to pair your iPhone with a Bluetooth Device
  • Overheating iPhone 8
  • iPhone Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Stuck Volume Button-If the volume button gets sucked up
  • No newest version update- iPhone is not getting updated to the newest iOS version.
  • iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo
  • Face ID Not Working
  • Phone app crashes and freezes
  • Microphone not working
  • Forgotten iPhone Passcode
  • Device turning off by itself
  • The Touchscreen Is Not Working

Latest Common iPhone 8 ssues

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Fast iPhone 8 repair service in Nairobi.

Get all your iPhone 8 issues fixed by professionals technicians in no time.

How Much Will it cost?

At Wefix Tech, we offer quick and professional iPhone 8 repair services. The repair costs will vary depending on the type and extent of damage to your device.  For a free diagnosis and estimate on your iPhone 8 repair service, please contact us.

We Can Fix Your iPhone 8

  • We Can Fix Your iPhone 8
  • Same Day Repairs
  • Experience repair staff
  • Drop It Off or Mail It In
  • Free device diagnosis
  • High-Quality Parts
  • 1-year Warranty
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